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Dawn and Nick

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I recently wrote in a journal entry about the week where Georgia was born and how I managed to squeeze in two weddings back to back. I wanted to share some images from the two weddings in that post but I thought they're too special to be squeezed together into one post.

The day Georgia checked out of hospital, I photographed Nick and Dawn's beautiful wedding.

I knew Nick from my days with Singapore Airlines, and he's always struck me as someone with charisma and who was not afraid of speaking up. What I did not know was how passionate he was about animals. He volunteers at ACRES and works with horses for a living. Dawn shared the same love and the two of them had adopted two street dogs as their own. Meadow has a limp and Hiro has a skin condition. They are both showered with love.

Their wedding was a simple affair. Dawn's neighbour and her daughter helped with the decoration. Nick's best friend helped with logistics. There were about a hundred or so guests and it was basically an open mic dinner where anyone can go up and give speeches. They had customised a gift for every guests, including books from local authors and a tote bag with a wonderful message on it. Plus, the Peranakan food served was just top notch (Oh yes, they saved a seat for me and insisted that I eat).

Right from the start, I could tell this wedding was going to be special. The thing with small weddings is, you get a sense that every guest that was there, genuinely wanted to be there, and I really felt it at Nick and Dawn's wedding.

True to their spirit, they did not accept any Ang Pows from their guests. Instead, they sent a message to ask their guests to redirect the Ang Pow money to charities for animal rescue.

I came back from the wedding feeling really happy for two friends getting married, and really proud of them for the way they organised their wedding.

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