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Larry Toh

Photoshoot Info

Thanks for making it this far into my website. I hope the photos shown here have given you an idea of the type of photographs I make. Here's the part where I attempt to explain to you how the photoshoot works. 

The family photoshoot will be done documentary style, meaning 90 percent unposed and natural. I believe in taking raw and honest photographs that tells your family's story. I would encourage your family to embrace your life as it is, along with all the chaos, to be brave and to be real. The house can be as messy as it normally is, and you can be in your most comfortable clothes. This means you don't have to prepare much for the photoshoot. When the opportunity arises, there will be some guided or posed family portraits because that can be beautiful too. 


The environment is also essential in telling your story. The best locations for your photoshoot should be comfortable and meaningful for your family. Your home will be a good place to start the shoot. We could then move on to a park, a playground, a favourite cafe or Grandpa and Grandma's place for example. 

You'd be surprise how much beauty there is to capture in your everyday life. 

I'm open to customising the shoot to your family's needs. I've done shoots where I followed a couple's journey through pregnancy, birth and parenting. Some shoots revolve around the grandparents. We will brainstorm ideas during our phone consultation prior to the shoot.   

It's all about telling your family's story. It is my hope that years later, when you look back at your photographs, they will not only bring back memories, but feelings and emotions that built your family.

If this resonates with you, do get in touch here and tell me more about what you have in mind. 


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