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Week of Two Weddings and a Child Birth.

Based on science, Georgia was supposed to be delivered on 9th August, Singapore's National Day. Whenever we told someone about this, they would remark that they hope she will be a National Day baby. I would smile but in my heart I'm saying "Please, please come out earlier".

You see, I was approached by two couples to photograph their weddings on 8th and 10th August, sandwiching Georgia's EDD. Common sense told me to respectfully decline the jobs. I consulted our Gynaecologist who very confidently asked me to accept the jobs after finding out that Hannah was born two weeks early. And so I confidently accepted the jobs.

Two weeks before Georgia's EDD; No contraction, no action. It's alright, take it easy, there are still two more weeks to go.

One week before EDD; No contraction, no action. I was starting to worry. There was no way I would bail on the two weddings. I spoke to Li Ling of the very real possibility that she might have to go into labour SOLO. She's a really strong woman and told me she will do it if she has to.

4 days before EDD; Li Ling's water broke. My heart leapt with joy and was secretly dancing to Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle.

3 days before EDD; We went to the hospital to have Georgia delivered. I packed up all the camera and lenses I would need for the weddings.

After Georgia was delivered, Li Ling and I stayed at the hospital for two nights. Li Ling slept on the hospital bed. Georgia slept in the crib, and I slept on the couch.

On the day we were to check out from the hospital, I put on my camera backpack, kissed my wife and daughter goodbye and headed straight for the first wedding lunch I was to photograph. I was tired and sleepy but a smile beamed on my face. Everything worked itself out in the end.

I've just added a section on weddings on my website. It's a body of work collected over the past few months. To those who trusted me with your weddings when I did not have a wedding portfolio to show, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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