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Faith and Thomas

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Georgia's birth really came at just the right time. On the day that we checked out from the hospital, I went straight to shoot Faith and Thomas's wedding lunch, before heading to Nick and Dawn's wedding dinner.

It's always a good feeling to photograph families that are very close. Half and hour into the shoot, I knew the photographs were going to be beautiful. There was just so much love going around over the three days of celebration. I could feel how in love Faith and Thomas were and how genuinely happy everyone was that they had found each other. I knew these photographs would be cherished for a long time.

When Faith's father made his speech, he teared as he said to Faith "Don't forget that the first man that has ever loved you is me". Having just witnessed the birth of my second daughter just two days before the shoot, it really tugged at my heart that I now have two beautiful daughters to love.

When the time comes in the future, I'm going to borrow that line.

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