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The First Entry

A friend once suggested that I should keep a journal to take note of important things. Michael and I met in New Zealand during one at one of the courses Li Ling was attending. He showed me his journal. I remember it had calculations of alignment of stars and energy neatly written. The equations contained symbols I had never seen before. I asked him how he knew all these and his response was that he simply learnt it. That struck me and made me question why I had not learnt more about subjects that interested me.

He gave me a rather cool journal with skulls on the cover as a present. Had I seen the journal on display in a shop, I would have thought "cool design, but maybe too cool for me", but I was instantly taken by it. He left an encouraging note of wisdom in between the pages. I'm careful about what I write inside. For now, it contains mainly notes on photography, coffee and diet.

I decided to start keeping this online journal as a way of putting memories down in words, and as a chance to share about my photography. I worry I will not be able to sustain it with regular entries and that it will eventually die a natural death. I also questioned why anyone would spend their time reading my journal, but a friend recently told me "Do first, apologise later lor".

So I'm doing it, and this is the first entry.

Thanks Michael, for your kind words and wisdom during our brief friendship. I will always remember your strength and spirit. May you find peace where you are now.

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