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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Li Ling and I thought long and hard before we started trying for a second child. Our concern was not one that other parents might have. It was my health. "If I were to go, should I leave Li Ling with one child or two? Which would be better?" I've had that internal discussion with myself countless times, with no conclusion.

It was only after I changed that question to simply "Do I want to have a second child?" that the answer became clear. I do. We both do.

Georgia came to us three weeks ago. I watched as the crown of her head pushed against Li Ling during labour. When her head came out, it seemed so monochrome. It was just different shades of gray. But, as the rest of her slid out into this world, suddenly colour rushed into her body and there she was, all covered in bright red, pink and bits of yellows. It was like watching an old black and white cartoon character transitioning into colour on screen.

As I watched her being placed on Li Ling for skin to skin time, I was happy; not the gleeful or high type. It was the grounding type of happiness, like when you know something good just happened to you. I felt so thankful that I have such a strong and courageous woman as my wife.

Over the past few weeks we have been getting to know Georgia bit by bit. We are rediscovering ourselves as parents again.

I also enjoyed watching Hannah being a sister. She's often the first one to run to Georgia when she cries and has been really helpful and loving. I can't wait to observe how their relationship will develop.

We will continue to take life a step at a time as a family. Who knows how things will turn out. Whatever it is, we will always have each other.

Wife in labour

My wife giving birth

Georgia when she was born

Mother and newborn

Mother breastfeeding baby

Hannah holding her newborn baby

Sisters sharing a moment

Hannah comforting her sister Georgia

Hannah and Georgia on a yoga mat

My Family
We will always have each other.

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