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I'm not writing a book, but I am going to be sharing a story. This will be my story. There's too much to share in just one journal entry. I would not be able to write all of it in one night, and you might not want to read until the very end. So here I am, writing the 'foreword' as in most books, it precedes the story.

What will this story be about? It will be about cancer. My cancer. Except it won't be just about the cancer. It will be a story of discovery, of love, of perseverance, and of self discovery. It will be a story about life, as much as it could be about death, for what is one without the other? I might tear up when I type sometimes. I hope my keyboard is waterproof. I might smile sometimes. Maybe even laugh. So don't worry, I'm not here to spread morbidity.

Rewind; in case you didn't know, I'm living with cancer. You can catch up here.

I will attempt to my very best with my A-level grade C5 English to articulate what I want to share. It will be simple English. I don't think I'll be using any words that you might have to look up their meaning on Google.

So really, why am I sharing?

Here's the reason. My cancer has changed in the past few months. Not for the better unfortunately, but you'd probably had sensed the tone already. My family and I are in the process of choosing the right path to take to handle this. Any paths we choose will have effects on our lives. How major are the effects? It depends what lens you use to look at it.

I could not think of how to break the news to family and friends through WhatsApp messages. I don't think I would be able to deal with the number of replies I might have to type out. I'm assuming close family and friends will want to ask questions. So I decided that journal entries could be the way to go. That way, everyone can follow along on the journey if they choose to. And maybe it will be therapeutic for me. It's not a marketing gig to get more people to follow my website or FB page, I promise.

So yeah, I think that should do it as a 'foreword' to this series of journal entries.

To my family and to my close friends, I would like to say sorry that some of you had to find out this way. I'm sure you will have questions to ask. I will probably be answering them in the next post. In the meantime your kind thoughts, and your love will be ever so warmly received.

To my clients who have photoshoots coming up, I'll get in touch with you if your photoshoots are going to be affected. Thank you for trusting me in the first place. I still hope to be able to do your shoots.

Until the next post...

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