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Blast from the Past

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Photographing Wilgie's family was a special experience for me.

They live in Telok Kurau, which was where my hostel was at when I first came to Singapore to study. So in many ways, Telok Kurau was my first exposure to Singapore. I've walked along the same canal to school everyday with my friends for two years of my life.

We used to 'escape' the hostel and cycle to have prata at nearby mamak stalls for supper. We also cycled to ECP often and I remember fondly our adventures cycling through the unpaved roads at the end of ECP to get to a secret beach. I also remember taking shelter underneath Sheares Bridge on one occasion when it rained. That was all before development took over the unchartered parts of ECP.

So photographing Wilgie's family brought back many good memories. We started at her place and made our way to ECP. The very cool family cycled, scooted and skate boarded while Philipp let me cycle on his very cool custom bike. As I cycled with the family, I felt a sense of freedom and connection to my past.

Plus, it was my first photoshoot where I went waist deep into the water to shoot!

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