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A Good Friday

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

As a homeschooled child, Hannah does not have a fixed schedule. In recent days, we've been feeling a tad guilty for not doing more to teach her. This struggle between teaching and letting her lead her learning is real. She goes through spans of concentrating on building something, or doing art but she also goes through spans where she demands for us to play with her over and over again until our adult minds start getting irritated.

We try to bring her outside at least once a day. Some days it's as short as a scoot downstairs at the void deck. Some days, it's an outing to nature, or simply cafe hopping. Yes, she still controls my coffee intake and I usually ask for her permission before going for the second cuppa.

So when the rain washed out our plan to go to MacRitchie for a nature walk on Good Friday, I was disappointed. But not having a fixed schedule means anything can happen.

And what happened was a long ballet and contemporary dance jive to an odd mixture of the groove of Billie Eilish and Sheila Majid. Her audience was us and a row of her stuffed toys. She has developed a real interest in dance and has been learning from watching dance videos on youtube. We recently signed her up for ballet class and she is so keen and serious about it that we can see it in her face as she prepares to enter the dance studio.

That was followed by blowing bubbles by the window. We spent some time discovering the best way to blow the biggest bubbles and she enjoyed catching the bubbles with the wand.

Turned out to be a really good Friday.

Documentary family photography
Point your toes

Family documentary photographer Singapore
Leaping past her audience

Natural family photographer Singapore
Blowing bubbles

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